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Even the most virtuoso surgery will not be effective in restoring motor function if it is not followed by adequate rehabilitation.

What do we treat?

The main areas for which we can provide post-operative rehabilitation are

- Surgical treatment of fractures;
- Surgical treatment of tendon and muscle injuries;
- Endoprostheses (joint replacements);
- difficult to heal wounds.

How does the treatment at MedFit Bulgaria work?

After the examination and familiarisation with the documentation of the surgery performed, our specialists will determine your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Since the causes and surgical interventions can be very different, the recovery time and methods after the same vary. Treatment may include: laser therapy, electrotherapy, massage, LFC with a therapist or treatments with David Health devices.

Why choose MedFit Bulgaria for your treatment?

The equipment we have allows us to provide a full restoration of motor function. We use SMART technology to treat individual complaints in a controlled and safe manner through David Health for kinesiotherapy and BTL for physiotherapy.

Time is of the essence when recovering from surgery. The sooner rehabilitation begins, the more complete and effective it will be. Book a consultation now.