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We are used to thinking that corrective gymnastics is only effective for children. But this is far from the case. Changing your posture is good for your health at any age.

What do we treat?

Back pain, poor posture, loose shoulders are not only an aesthetic problem, but also lead to a number of new problems - deterioration of vision, numbness in the hands and/or feet, early development of so-called degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs.

Correct posture improves general well-being and self-esteem and is beneficial throughout life.

What is the treatment process at MedFit Bulgaria?

Our specialists, after examination and consultation, will determine your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

The treatment may include LFC exercises with a therapist or David equipment, massage.

Why choose MedFit Bulgaria for your treatment?

We believe that besides the treatment of the specific problem, the most important thing is the correction of the movement regime, the development of the habit of "doing exercises", thanks to which the musculature has a good enough tone and the corrected posture is maintained in the long term.

The earlier rehabilitation begins, the more complete and effective it will be. Book a consultation now.