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At MedFit Bulgaria our mission is to provide an innovative, scientifically proven tool for active longevity to all users.

What do we offer?

Life expectancy is increasing exponentially as the conditions around us improve. However, the quality of life is not always what it could be.

This is where we at MedFit Bulgaria can come to the rescue, with active longevity programmes.

What is the treatment process at MedFit Bulgaria?

Our programmes are tailored to the individual needs of each user and include scientifically based methods by internationally recognised specialists and high-tech equipment.

Our specialists will assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate activity for you, such as: shock wave therapy (SWT), electrotherapy, LFC exercises with a therapist or David Health, massage.

Why choose MedFit Bulgaria for your treatment?

For us at MedFit Bulgaria, apart from treating pain, the most important thing is to correct the exercise regime, to build the habit of "doing exercises", thanks to which the musculature has a good enough tone for better health and self-esteem.

The earlier you start exercising, the more complete and effective your active longevity programme will be. Book a consultation now.