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How the treatment proceeds?

1. Assessment and consultation from a doctor

The first step on the way to a successful treatment is to have an examination and a consultation with a specialist from MedFit Bulgaria. During this first appointment, you’ll tell us what’s stopping you from feeling in great shape, you’ll be thoroughly examined and a treatment plan will be drawn up.

2. Creation of a personalised programme

After the consultation, the specialist will prepare a personalised programme of recommended treatments for your condition.

We will also tell you in detail:

  • what we are going to do,
  •  what results you can expect, and what is often most important to each of us – when you will be able to return to your normal lifestyle.

3. Execution of procedures

Your procedures will be carried out by qualified specialists in a comfortable atmosphere, using high-tech equipment. Our team believes that the best investment for the future is the training and constant upgrading of the knowledge of each specialist, but also of each of our patients.

If you need recovery after surgery or an injury, come in for a consultation and we’ll show you how “movement heals”.