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The way we spend our time in everyday life - working at a desk, working in a straight position, driving for long periods of time, excessive physical exertion - can often trigger back pain.

What do we treat?

In a large percentage of cases, the cause is muscle imbalance and poor posture.

However, disc herniations, spondylosis, the presence of osteophytes can also cause pain.

How does the treatment at MedFit Bulgaria work?

Low back pain is sometimes part of so-called systemic diseases - generalised osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis. Determining the cause of the back pain is the key to the correct treatment.

Treatment can include: laser therapy, electrotherapy, massage, LFC with a therapist or treatments with the David device.

Why choose MedFit Bulgaria for your treatment?

Тhe most important thing in these cases, besides the treatment of pain, is the correction of the motor regime, the establishment of the habit of "doing exercises", thanks to which the musculature has a good enough tone and the recurrence of acute symptomatology is minimised.

The earlier rehabilitation begins, the more complete and effective it will be. Book a consultation now.