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Injuries are one of the most common reasons people seek rehabilitation. A fall, a bump, a twist - all these unpleasant things are part of our lives and can cause anything from mild discomfort and a simple bruise to severe disability and disruption to our normal routines.

What do we treat?

The main areas we can provide treatment for are

- Sports injuries;;
- Domestic trauma;
- Post fracture conditions;
- Sprains;

What is the treatment process at MedFit Bulgaria?

Correct assessment of the condition, tailored to the individual characteristics of each person, is the key moment in the full recovery of the patient after an injury.

Our specialists will assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. This may include TECAR or lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy treatments, LFC with a therapist or David Health therapies.

Why choose MedFit Bulgaria for your treatment?

The equipment at our disposal allows us to provide full recovery for all injuries that do not require surgical treatment.

If surgery is required, we can also help with post-operative rehabilitation.